lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

Rescatados (I): Daniel Clowes

Wilson began as an uncensored id-creature, a manifestation of the least palatable version of myself and most of my friends, but as the story developed I began to feel that he was perhaps somewhat more universal than I imagined, and also that he had become his own man, quite separate from my puppet strings. I think his anxiety about the world of 2010 is very real and grounded at least partly in reality.


That's the unsolvable riddle. I think that all of us would like to create a balanced work that explores both sides of the human equation, but sadness usually seems to emerge the victor. Happiness and confidence are irritating qualities for the most part, so I tend to favor more troubled types. I don't think of my own books as particularly sad or depressing, but they seem to have that effect on readers. I would hope I'm able to find some shred of humor in even the bleakest moments.


It works like a dream, to free the mind to deeper levels of symbolic thought. Any honest attempt at autobiography is always interesting to read and fiction can go wrong very easily, but the best fiction reaches a level beyond mere fact and into something far more mysterious.

(Entrevista originalmente publicada en "El invierno es para raritos", suplemento EP3, El País, 12-10-2010)

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Ibrahim B. dijo...

He aquí fragmentos de la entrevista que le hice a Daniel Clowes hace algunos meses; en próximas entregas: David Vann y Tom Morris.